The Lang-Yona Research Group

Bioaerosols are characterized as airborne microorganisms and particles of biological origin. They are globally distributed and are known to travel long distances across continents and oceans.
Bioaerosols remain poorly understood though our group aims to expand knowledge of their impacts on ecology, biogeochemical, and precipitation processes on a large scale, as well as human health and disease.

The topics we investigate include:

  • Microbial ecology and interactions in the atmospheric environment.
  • The pertinence of aerosols to global cycles and transport.
  • Expression patterns, viability, and functionality of bioaerosols.
  • The impacts of anthropogenic climate change on bioaerosols and their related processes.

Currently recruiting students interested in joining us on this fascinating journey!

Recent Projects

Dust-borne microorganisms 

 Freshwater Aero-allergens 

Marine Bio-aerosols

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